28 January 2015

color infusion

Kelly green is usually a color I reserve for spring and summer, but I this skirt was begging to be put into winter rotation. The bright color is actually a welcome to all the grays and blacks I've been wearing. I kept the look cosy and functional by layering with my favorite sweater this season and a pair of flat Chelsea boots. I'm excited to show some outfits next week of the recent warm weather we've been having. Goodbye snow, hello ankles!

Sweater: Old Navy (in store) | Skirt: ZARA (old) | Coat: Banana Republic (old) | Boots: Gap (old) | Bag: Ellington Handbags

26 January 2015

snow cape

We had a big thaw this weekend--temperatures up into the 60s!!! It was super super sloppy, but at least the big ice chunks finally broke up. This outfit was back when we still had lots of snow, something I hope we leave in January. The tease of spring weather perked everyone up, and now we are dreaming of biking, hiking, and not slipping on our way to work. I'm still getting a lot of use out of this $14 wrap from Costco. It's so simple and chic, and perfect for throwing over an outfit while still letting the details shine through. The key is to keep the layers tighter on the base so as not to add too much volume to the overall look.

Shirt: Old Navy (old) | Sweater: Forever 21 (old) | Pants: H&M (in store) | Boots: Chinese Laundry (old) | Wrap: Costco (sold out) | Bag: Ellington Handbags | Beanie: Michael Kors via TJ Maxx

21 January 2015

winter neutrals

This is my version of winter whites, but with winter neutrals. Wearing white pants seems like a death wish this time of year, with all the snowy/slushy slop on the roads. I would be bound to arrive to work with a few splatters on the back of my legs! So to play off of the classic winter look, I went with dark on the bottom and mixed neutrals on the top with various shades of camel and cream. The resulting look is still winter dreamy, but without the risk of ruining my clothes! Also, this necklace from Tiffany Kunz is a new feature in my jewelry collection. My husband got it for me for my birthday, complete with the matching earrings for Christmas. This year was definitely my breakout year for jewelry, and I'm really enjoying expressing my style through these fun accessories.

Sweater: Nordstrom Rack (in store) | Pants: H&M (in store) | Boots: Chinese Laundry (old) | Coat: Old Navy (old) | Scarf: Jeannette Murphy | Hat: pistil designs (in dove) | Necklace: Tiffany Kunz | Earrings: Tiffany Kunz | Bag: Ellington Handbags (old)