20 May 2015

spring florals

One of my favorite colors for spring is cobalt. Actually, it's one of my favorite colors overall. It's such an easy, vibrant color to infuse into any outfit. After searching up and down for a pair of cobalt flats, I finally found these Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn flats on my new favorite outlet site, Saks Off 5th. I've also been searching for a few spring tops that can work during and after pregnancy. This little ditty is prefect with tropical florals, bright colors and a generous cut. In fact, the only thing maternity here are the pants, because as I've said, trying to fit into normal pants at this point in time is futile (and frankly cruel). I'm pretty excited that I'm still able to highlight my style heading into the last couple of months!

Blouse: TJ Maxx (in store) | Blazer: Nordstrom (old) | Pants: Old Navy Maternity | Shoes: Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn (on sale!) | Bag: Ellington Handbags | Necklace: betsy & iya

12 May 2015

midi stripes

Slowly and surely, time is creeping along! I actually passed the 30 week mark in my pregnancy, and while I am still pretty small overall, things are progressing! Although I have been fairly absent lately, I'm actually find it not that challenging to dress the bump. I only have a few options of items that fit, so it makes it fairly simple to get dressed in the morning. I'm actually a bit inspired to clean out my normal closet after the pregnancy to pair down a few items that I have not missed over the last 9 months. I believe this is the essence of a capsule wardrobe--something that will probably come in quite handy as a working mother!

On another note, Montana is finally greening up and the flowers are budding out! Happy spring!

P.S. I'm still pretty active on Instagram, so follow along at @marsbarelizabeth for more recent moments in my life.

Shirt: Weekday (old) | Dress: TJ Maxx (non-maternity, in store) | Heels: Nine West (old) | Bag: ZARA (old)

25 April 2015

back to the routine

Things have been busy lately! I recently traveled back east for a work trip to attend a conference, and have been slowly getting back into a regular routine (which is never that regular when one is pregnant). Now, back to the blog! I've been trying to keep my pre-maternity clothes in rotation for as long as I can. Though normal pants went out the door a while ago (thanks to hips expanding in addition to belly growing). So maternity pants are the one thing I have been adding to my closet. And of course, looser fitting things tend to be more comfortable, so boyfriend jeans are the perfect staple! These ones from Old Navy are great because they have the loose fit but without the distressed details, meaning I can dress them up for a casual work day or bum around in them on the weekend. I'm also excited to share that the pants are the only thing maternity here. Hooray for that!

Shirt: Forever 21 (thrifted) | Jeans: Old Navy Maternity | Jacket: Gap (old) | Boots: Dolce Vita (currently on super discount) | Bag: ZARA (old)